Memoirs: Part 2- A Praying Wife

“Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.”  (Prov. 18:22)

I was never really a religious person.

Oh, I was polite and considerate enough. If a group of men were standing around, and the talk leaned toward church, or prayer, or God, I would nod my head knowingly, as if agreeing with what was being said, or as if I understood the conversation.

But I really didn’t.

I didn’t consider myself a bad person. My parents had occasionally sent me to church as a child. I had even been baptized, but only because I didn’t want my sister doing something that I wasn’t able to do.

I had grown up, gotten married, had a child, loved my family, and even decided every New Year to try to do better, curse less, maybe even start going to church or read the Bible.

But every time I would start thinking about God, something strange would happen. Terrible, wicked thoughts about God would come into my mind, and I certainly knew that was wrong!

So, I decided not to think about God at all. Little did I know how all that was about to change.

My loving wife was praying for me.

I worked as an independent contractor for the Dallas Times Herald, servicing newspaper vending machines on the east side of Dallas, Texas USA. On Saturdays, we would have to make two trips down to the newspaper.

The first was to pick up an early Sunday edition and put them out for the Saturday night revelers, and then back to the newspaper to wait in line for the late edition that would come out about 2:00 AM Sunday morning.

It was during this waiting time that most of the men would stand around and talk or nap in their trucks.

On this particular night, as I was trying to catch a nap while waiting for the late edition, my best friend Calvin came running up to my truck window.

I had noticed that he was late getting back from the early edition delivery.

“Raymond”, he said excitedly, “You’re not going to believe what happened to me tonight! I stopped by a tent revival meeting out on my route and man, I got saved!”

“Great”, I said.

“Good for you” I thought as we talked for a few more minutes and he further explained the details of what had happened.

But something was different in Calvin from that night on. There was a peace about him and a joy that was not there before. His whole conversation changed.

He quit cursing, quit drinking, quit telling dirty jokes, and started listening to a Christian radio station instead of country music. I began thinking, “Maybe there’s something to this salvation thing after all.”

A week or so had gone by, and I continued to see the change in Calvin.

Then one particular evening, after I had sat down in my favorite chair to relax a little before going to bed, I happened to pick up a magazine that belonged to my wife and began to glance through it.

It was then that I saw something that grabbed my attention.

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"The Servants of the Lord: Memoirs of Miracles and Evangelism"- Available for $4.99 at for the Nook, for the Kindle, at the iBookstore on iTunes for the iPad, and at for the PC and all e-reading devices

“The Servants of the Lord: Memoirs of Miracles and Evangelism”- Available for $4.99 at for the Nook, for the Kindle, at the iBookstore on iTunes for the iPad, and at for the PC and all e-reading devices

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