A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”  (Prov. 17:22)

The next few days seem like a blur. I was so sick, that I can’t remember much. I wasn’t hungry, and so I quit eating.

Mama called Dr. Ann on the telephone and then left in the big black truck. She soon came back with different kinds of food for me to eat, but I didn’t want any of it.

I became so weak that I could barely walk. I even had a few accidents before I could make it outside, but Mama and Daddy never complained or scolded me.

They just loved me, and held me, and talked to the Heavenly Father about me. After three days, they rushed me back to the Hospital.

When we arrived at the Hospital, I didn’t see Dr. Ann, but a man they called the Emergency Doctor took me from Mama.

They weighed me, and took x-rays, and drew blood. He gave me two shots and then called Mama and Daddy into the room.

The Doctor said “You have a very sick little dog on your hands. He has lost seven pounds since he was here last. The tests show that he has kidney, liver, and lung damage.

I am going to give you some pills that will help his breathing and appetite, but there is really nothing that we can do. Take him home and just keep him comfortable.”

As soon as we got home, Mama gave me the medicine and I lay down on the floor next to Dad.

Mom sat next to us, and as I was falling asleep I remember hearing Dad say,Mama, I don’t believe that God sent us Jake just so we could watch him die.

He could have wandered off and went to find something to eat instead of lying three days out there under that cedar tree. But he didn’t.

He stayed there until we took him in. I believe it was God’s will for us to rescue Jake, and now we are going to believe for a miracle. He is going to be our miracle dog. Let’s pray.”

I still remember the prayer that Daddy prayed.

“Heavenly Father, the Bible says that all things were made by you and for you. You created Jake not only to be a blessing and give joy to us, but to be a joy to you also.

Please have mercy on us by blessing and healing Jake. I am asking for a miracle, and I believe that all things are possible to you. Thank you, in Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen.”

The next morning when I woke up, I felt wonderful!

I was so hungry; I could hardly wait for Mama to set my food down before I started eating. I felt like a new dog.

I went to the door and “oink, oink, oink” I grunted. I needed to go outside. When I had finished, I wanted to go exploring, but Mama called me right back in.

“Come in, Jake” she said. “Dr. Ann says that you can’t stay out for long. You have to be an inside dog.” I had been so sick, that I had forgotten. I get to be an inside dog!

After I came back inside the house, Mama gave me some toys that she had gotten for me while I was so sick.

There was a rope with a ball on it for me to play with and a little toy that squeaked when I bit it. I had thought the shoes that I had found would be great to chew on, but these were way better.

While I was trying to untie the knot on my rope, the telephone rang.

It must have been the Emergency Doctor, because I heard Daddy say, “Oh, Jake’s doing much better this morning. He’s back eating and drinking and his breathing is much better. He’s even getting his strength back. It’s like he’s a completely different dog.”

I could tell by Daddy’s reaction that the Doctor must have been very surprised to hear that. Later, Dr. Ann called and said that she wanted to see me in a few days.

By the time that we went back to see Dr. Ann, I had begun to gain weight and get stronger. When we walked into the vet’s office, I could hear the nurses say, “Is that Jake Candy?”

They weighed me and said that I had gained several pounds.

One of the nurses told Mama that when I had been brought in to see the Emergency Doctor, she was sure that he would advise that I be “put to sleep.” I think that means I was so sick, I was close to dying.

When Dr. Ann examined me, she said that she couldn’t believe I was the same dog that was described in the Emergency Doctor’s report.

Daddy told her that he and Mama had prayed, and that I was going to be their little miracle dog. Dr. Ann said that she would pray, too. I like Dr. Ann.

Over the next few weeks, I began to get taller and stronger. Mama said that I was getting fatter.

She even called me fatso, but not in a mean way. I think she was proud that I was growing and gaining weight.

She talked about my big broad chest and how fast I could run.

Dr. Ann had said she believed that I had not recovered enough from being a homeless dog before we began the heartworm treatment, and that is why the treatment made me so sick.

Each time that I would go back to the Veterinary Hospital, they would weigh me and be amazed at how much I was gaining and how well I was doing.

All the signs of damage had gone away. I truly was their miracle dog.

My appetite had returned to the point that I would eat almost anything. Mama said that she had never heard of a dog that would eat fruit.

I would eat apples, bananas, and almost anything they would give me.

(Not to mention the people food that Daddy would let me taste occasionally, such as strawberry ice cream or cheese snacks. But he had given me strict instructions not to tell Dr. Ann. It wouldn’t matter if I did anyway, she would just think a pig had grunted.)

My new parents believed that the Lord had led me to their field so they could rescue me and make sure that I was healed from the deadly heartworms. I knew that this was part of the reason of why I came.

But deep inside, I knew there was more.

The tall, thin, quiet man named Brother began to come out of his room more and play with me when he was not gone to work. We became great friends. He said that I was his little brother, and he would scratch me and rub my belly.

He would feed me out of the palm of his hand and lie on the floor next to me and play. He would hug me and kiss me on the top of my head, and Daddy and Mama acted like they couldn’t believe it.

He would hug and kiss Mama and Daddy too, but it seems that before I came he stayed mostly to himself and in his room. Perhaps he was part of the reason why the Creator had brought me here. But still, I could not shake the feeling that there was more.

Then one night a very strange thing happened. I was sound asleep, when suddenly I awoke with a start.

I perked up my ears and listened intently for any strange sound, but everything seemed normal. I sniffed the air to see if I could smell anybody or anything out of the ordinary.

I peered into the darkness at all the doors and windows, but all was safe and secure as it should be. However, something within me was telling me that there was danger, and that I should go to Daddy.

Ever since I had come to live in the house, Daddy would get up in the middle of the night and go and sit in his big brown chair. He would read his Bible for a while, pray, and then go to sleep in his chair until morning.

I went up to Dad’s chair and there he was, in a deep sleep. He seemed to be all right, but the voice within me was saying that something was wrong with Dad. I bumped his knee with my head and said “Dad, wake up!” (oink, oink, oink)

I bumped his knee harder and said “DAD, WAKE UP! IT’S ME, JAKE. SOMETHING’S WRONG.” (OINK, OINK, OINK!)

Daddy slowly opened his eyes, and stared at the ceiling for a long time with a funny look on his face. I lay my head on his knee, and after a while he finally began to pat my head.

“Good boy, good boy. Good boy, Jake. Thank you, Jake.”

When Mom and Dad woke up the next morning, I could hear Daddy telling Mama what I had done.

It seems that Daddy has a thing in his head called a tumor that the doctors cannot take out. The tumor makes Daddy have big seizures that he has to take medicine for.

The medicine has taken away the big seizures, but sometimes he has small ones that make him sick for several days.

When I bumped his knee, he was beginning to have one but by waking up he was able to make it go away.

The Creator had given me the gift of knowing when these seizures were about to happen. This was yet another reason why God had sent me to this family.

Daddy says the Bible tells us that God works all things together for good to those who love Him.

It seems the Creator sent me to this family so that they could help me get well, and so I could help them in their time of need.

Daddy puts it this way, “God blesses us, so that we can be a blessing.”

This little black dog who grunts like a pig not only got a miracle, but also became a miracle. It seems there are miracles all around us, if we will only believe.

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